Running Gray-Scott on Summit/Ascent

This instructions are for the Ascent training system at OLCF. Which is identical to Summit.

We assume the user has access to trn017 training account

  1. Load and verify Julia v1.9

     module load julia
     julia --version
  2. Obtain Gray-Scott

     cd $PROJWORK/trn017
     mkdir $USER
     cd $USER
     git clone
  3. Install package dependencies in Julia REPL

  • Scripts prepared for this tutorial cd GrayScott.jl/scripts

  • The first line setup a JULIA_DEPOT_PATH, otherwise ~/.julia is selected by default which is not recommended due to small available space. The second assumes GrayScott.jl was cloned under $USER.

    export JULIA_DEPOT_PATH=$PROJWORK/trn017/$USER/julia_depot

JULIA_DEPOT is where Julia packages and artifacts (e.g. extra data) will be installed for different local environments. Project/system admins should prefer a global installation of commonly used packages: MPI.jl, CUDA.jl, Plots.jl, etc. due to their size to avoid multiple copies.